Why I decided to do marketing?

In practical terms, the marketing industry is the most convenient option for implementing and monetizing my skills.

Let me explain: I understand people and their needs, I can think outside the box and “pack” a product in order to sell it effectively. And my leadership qualities formed the basis of a powerful team, which is able to give 110% and be proactive in solving problems.

It is also important that marketing is often included in the early stages of the business. Here I associate my work with planning the generals: it is very important to win the battle before it even starts. And as a result, the result of marketing promotion is powerful feedback from which you can get a lot of benefit.

On the other hand, marketing is an integral part of any business. Marketing manifests itself in everything from a modest sign on a facade to a large-scale advertising campaign on the Internet. Your favorite clothes, your car, your phone, your desires and beliefs are all the result of marketing.

Well, and perhaps most importantly: it is not so important which direction you choose. The main thing is that you feel that you are in your place. In my case, marketing is my place.